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Saint Raphael Elementary School Cafeteria

SCHOOL MENUS: March Breakfast Menu | March Lunch Menu
Menus are posted here as available.

Saint Raphael Elementary School has a dedicated cafeteria space where students can purchase breakfast and either bring lunch or purchase a school lunch with cafeteria tickets. Please note that while our cafeteria is not "nut free," we do have a clearly labeled, designated table for students with nut allergies or precautions. Students without allergies who would like sit at the nut free table are welcome to do so if they pack a nut free lunch.


Breakfast is served on school mornings from 7:15am - 8:00am for $1.50 per student. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches automatically qualify for free/reduced breakfast. Reduced price breakfast price is $.30 per day. We also offer an a La Carte breakfast menu.

Please contact our Cafeteria Breakfast Manager, Mrs. Zottola, with any questions.

Lunch and Lunch Tickets

Students can either bring lunch or purchase a school lunch; those bringing lunch can purchase milk and ala carte items separately. Student lunches are $3.50/meal or $14.00 for a strip of five tickets and include a meal, drink, side, vegetable and/or fruit.

Cafeteria Lunch Ticket Procedure
Please send your child(ren) to school with lunch ticket money in an envelope with their name and grade on the front. This is very important in order to get the tickets back to the child(ren). The cafeteria manager will then issue tickets with the child’s name on one ticket only. The student is to take the tickets home where you will need to put the child’s name on remaining tickets. Our ticket system is completely non-discriminating. Child(ren) qualified for reduced meals, can purchase a strip of lunch tickets for $2.00. Children qualified for free meals, please follow procedure #1. In the envelope please put a note that the child(ren) is in need of another strip of tickets. You may pay for lunch tickets with cash or a check made payable to Saint Raphael Elementary School. Returned checks will incur the most current service fee established by the bank.

There is no policy for credit. If a student forgets his/her lunch ticket/money, they will be served a lunch, but payment is expected the following day. If this problem continues, the parent/guardian will be notified. After the third time, the student will be given a peanut butter & jelly sandwich until the debt is paid. Cost of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich with milk is $.80.

Please note, it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to make sure when tickets are purchased, that they receive the proper number of tickets for the payment. It is also the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to make sure all owed lunches are paid.

Please contact our Cafeteria Lunch Manager, Mrs. Mudge, with any questions.